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  About "Barracuda". History and Development of the aircraft.  
Back in 1931. Designers firm Fairy came to the conclusion that the only answer to the problem - the creation monoplane with a very powerful power plant. In the home KB Home development engine Fairey "Felix" capacity of not less than 1000 hp Development is supposed to be in the shortest possible time. A little later, began to develop a 16-cylinder V-engine with a capacity of up to 1500 hp and 24-cylinder with X-shaped arrangement of cylinders with a capacity of up to 2000 hp. At the same time, the airplane design office of the firm, led by the Marcel Lobel (Marcel Lobelle), commencement of work on the creation of an all-metal monoplane with a low-wing, whose construction is by necessity Mogdy would be increased or decreased in size to a specific aircraft - from single-seat fighter to triple torpedo- bomber for the Fleet Air Arm (Fleet Air Arm). The final design concept "was settled in early 1932, and even made some very elegant aircraft models designed for different purposes. The models were made in the color adopted by the time they were created, and graphically illustrate the development of aircraft camouflage.

The firm organized the design so that different tasks designed two basic concepts of combat aircraft, and the preliminary work was done and over a third. [ Read more ]
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